Annador Just Remember (Remi)

Annador Just Remember (Remi)



Sire: Ch. Tamesis Tobias x Dam: Ch Fernfall Gleneyre

Bred by: Dorothy & Annette Alexander.

Hip score  3:4   


'Remi' is a natural retriever who talents were not really discovered until she was 3 years of age. Tony and I took her to her first duck opening in 1999 and the true Remi came to the fore! She not only retrieved every duck she could she thought it might be a good idea to retrieve the decoys as well!! There have been many trips hunting since then.

Remi was lightly shown in the ring but really did not enjoy it...she found it too boring...her life was meant to be as a gundog!

Tribute to Remi

Remi has gone to a happier more peaceful painless place today 22/1/2008 aged nearly 12y/o.

Remi was one of Tony's favorites…his ‘little machine’ he used to call her. She used to retrieve all the ducks at Duck Opening…even the duck decoys! He will miss her.

She was a natural retriever who’s talents were not discovered until Tony brought home a duck to this crazy girl who used to destroy tennis balls in her mouth. I thought she would never hold a duck with a soft mouth but she took it so gently from his hands. She was only 4 or 5 y/o at that time. Next thing we knew I was at my first duck opening with Tony, Morgie (GWP) and Remi. She had never been shot over before until that morning. She absolutely loved it. She retrieved everything including the duck decoys. Every time Tony went duck shooting Remi went to. It was the most enjoyable time of her life. She was never titled in the show ring although she had quite a few points but she hated the showing…but she was a true gundog! She also featured in a couple of commercials and an add for the Spirit of Tasmania.

Remi was a good minder …She spent time with Shane Addison to keep his Bailey company after his companion left. I know Shane  adored her and she adored him …she spent time with my daughter Jess and Andrew helping to keep Evie company. She was the one who I could rely on with these sorts of “jobs” she never stressed about anything

Rest In Peace now our little “Rem Rem"